What is it like to be a new mom?

What is it like to be a new mom?

You will be asked this question many, many times from family, friends and even strangers.  Odds are, you have asked this question yourself and received the standard answers such as amazing”, “beautiful”, “special” – same as when someone asks how you are doing and you answer with “good” or “fine”. 

If new moms had to answer honestly how they were feeling about their new roles in life without adding a social filter, we think the responses would go more along the lines of “exhausting”, “there are no words” “it’s tough”. 

As amazingly beautiful and uplifting being a mom can be, there’s always the balance to those great emotions.  As much love as you will feel for your little one, you are also bound to feel drained, anxious, fearful and even downright depleted. 

There is no book or motherhood class that can prepare you for how your life is going to change – ever heard of the Mom Club?

You won’t really understand what it is or why it’s called that till you join it.  Those of us who belong to this Club are here for you, mama!  We are army of filled with experience, support and love. We are the village here for you when it’s 3am and you haven’t slept in 2 days and you’re up rocking your baby to sleep.  We are ther thousands of pairs of other tired arms swaying along with you in the world. 

We are all going through this rollercoaster of an experience together, loving the beautiful ups of smiles and cuddles and battling the downs through the fears and exhaustion. 

At the end of the day, there is no one all-encapsulating answer to truly describe what it’s like to be a new mom.  So when presented with that question, you just do you and know that you are rocking it and however you want to answer the question that’s the right answer.