The 3rd trimester lowdown

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What a beautiful time this is.  Hopefully by now all the morning sickness, heartburn and fatigue are a distant memory and you are enjoying the final stretch of your pregnancy with some motivational belly kicks. 

As exciting a time as this is for you right now it’s also a big developmental phase for your little bundle.  If you could take a peek into your belly these are some of the things you might be seeing:

  • Baby is getting plump in there, your third trimester is when most of the key physical developments are now finished so at this stage it’s just a case of packing on the pounds. 
  • Ready for those first little screams? Well baby is getting ready to make them!  Right now your baby’s lungs are maturing in preparation to take that first big breath and for the next few years to keep you on your toes with a vast variety of wails. 
  • Between 33 – 36 weeks your little bundle should be getting into position to slip and slide on out head first ( if only) 
  • Cartilage is turning into bone so make sure your eating calcium rich foods mama!
  • Baby’s skin is turning from see-through to opaque
  • The first poop known as meconium is being formed this consists of blood cells, vernix ( the protective waxy substance covering baby’s skin) and lanugo ( the fine hairs on baby’s body)
  • The brain is doing some overtime on developing skills like blinking, dreaming and regulating temperature

As you can see there’s a lot happening right now, so take it easy on yourself mama, make sure to get plenty of rest and maybe squeeze in some relaxation because you are in the final stretches of this beautiful marathon to meeting the love of your life!