Meet the team!

Sandra Parker, Founder

Sandra and her husband Steve live with their dog, Hercules and cat, Marbles. (You’re right she has never had any children!) But she has worked in the baby business for almost 30 years. She loves helping young parents and is looking forward to sharing many wonderful ideas, helpful information, getting your feedback and input to help us build an inspiring home- away-from-home. And her favourite thing – giving away really cool FREE STUFF!

Monique Liebisch, Creative Director

Monique lives with her husband and two Staffordshire Bull terrier pups, so she is a proud fur baby mom! Monique enjoys being outdoors, exercising and having her friends and family over. She is an experienced online and offline marketing expert and ensure Mom’s Suite is thriving in today’s media environment. Monique assists the team with all industry-related research, marketing strategies and execution of our digital campaigns. Any media or PR related questions, Monique will have the answer!

Lisa Evans, Project Consultant

Lisa is super proud of her family consisting of her wonderfully supportive husband - Jay, her beautiful daughters - Avery and Ella, and her fluffy fur baby, Sadie. She loves to travel, try new restaurants, spend time at the cottage and hang out in her backyard at the pool. Creativity, organization and helping others are all passions that Lisa brings to the Mom’s Suite team. She is excited to connect with other moms and share her own first hand experiences with this amazing community.

Michelle Luyt, Marketing & Site Director

Michelle and her partner Chris are our first hand correspondents on life with a baby, they are on the new parent adventure with daughter Lily, 2 mischievous pups Bella & Maggie and the ruler of the household their cat Blanco. Being a new mom inspired her to delve deeper into the information out there for moms and ignited a passion for supporting other women at any stage of their journey into motherhood, because it indeed takes a village!

Paige Leah Calleja-Allen, Social Media Manager

Paige and her husband Kyle both are fur kid parents to their 12-year-old cat, Angel. Paige is a fashion lover and enjoys fresh flowers in her kitchen. She is the social media manager for Mom’s Suite, and creates all of the content with the team, on a daily! She enjoys her job and wants to inspire mom’s all round with the content we share!