Take care of YOU, Mama!

Take care of YOU, Mama!

Throughout your pregnancy and during the birth, all eyes are on you, everyone always lovingly asking how it’s going, caressing the belly, doting on you hand and foot and when the big day comes everyone waits with baited breath on every single detail of your precious little bundle.  But once that baby is born – all that attention shifts away in one foul swoop. 

No one can blame people for being completely enamoured with the most beautiful little creature you have just created, but they tend to forget that you just went to great lengths to bring this baby into the world and that you too need some special attention.

The first few weeks will be difficult, your body will be recovering and your mind and emotions are still adjusting and for these reasons we cannot stress enough how important self care is! Now we’re not saying you need to go out for the full pamper package at the spa but below are just a few little tips on how to make sure that you are taken care of too. 

Showers and bubble baths 

With a newborn and constant sleep deprivation it’s very easy to forego that shower because the baby is crying or you are busy cleaning or you need to feed.  However, we recommend (for your own sanity) to pass your little bundle to your partner or tuck them safely into the crib and make sure to take a shower or a nice hot soak.

• Food can sometimes be eaten hot 

You’ll soon realize that your palate will adapt to eating lukewarm or cold meals as your baby won’t exactly be respecting meal times and that’s just par for the course but try to once a day make sure that you are getting that hot meal or eating something you have been looking forward to as soon as it is ready, it won’t happen all the time but savour the moments when it does. 

Walks are for more than just exercise 

Something as simple as just getting out of the house and walking around the block or meandering in the garden can be the exact breath of fresh air you need.  Whether you take baby along or not it’s good to just get some fresh air and a different perspective at least once a day just to give you a break from those same 4 walls and babies also love new experiences and environments so this is a double winner! 

• Find your community 

Whether you have a full sized family or a network of gal pals, make sure your village is in place for sharing tips, common advice or sometimes even just another soul to talk to that doesn’t require cooing in the conversation ensure that you are connecting to people. Another great way to achieve this is connect with moms or even professionals online from the comfort of your couch – our online Facebook community is aimed at connecting moms of all ages and stages. 

These are just some simple things you can do everyday to take care of you and remember that you are fierce, powerful, loved and always important too!