Stay S.A.F.E. in Summer

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It’s summer, and with it warm days.  Infants are learning to regulate their body temperatures, but we need to be very careful when exposing babies to heat.  Baby-wearing is a great option and babies love the close contact with their parents.  There are some important guidelines to follow to ensure safe use.  An easy acronym for baby-wearing is SAFE.

S- Secure, ensure that baby is securely attached to the wearers torso, they should not be bouncing excessively.
A- Airways, ensure baby’s face to is not facing in, to the side as the photo demonstrates will prevent breathing difficulty.
F- Firm, the baby and carrier should firmly hold the baby in place snugly against the wearers torso.
E- Eye-line, ensure that you have direct eye-line to your baby so you can see their face and check often!

Another important thing to know is, if you cover your babies head, stroller, or car seat with a blanket, you risk them becoming overheated. Hot weather has been shown to raise the temperature underneath those blankets (even with breathable fibres).  So get out and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts, just be safe and take extra precautions with baby!

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