Packing a hospital bag for birth

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What could make this whole experience feel even more real than packing your hospital birth bag mama?

Now you can start packing that bag as soon as you want but your safest bet is to ensure that it’s all packed and ready to go about 6 weeks before your due date ( but let’s be honest most of us started packing it long before that)

There are many many lists you can find on Google for what to pack for your big day, some being even 2 to 3 pages long, and as great as it is to be prepared you most definitely do not need a 3 page list of items to pack for a 1 to 3 day hospital stay, and trust us your little lovely is not going to care if you do not have a wide selection of blankies readily available.

So we have made a simple list of the essential items that should be packed in your bag ( and baby’s)

Mama’s Bag:

First off and probably most important is going to be your paperwork such as healthcard, prenatal notes ( if you havn’t been to this hospital before) and if you have jotted down a birth plan remember to print out multiple copies as you should give one to your birth partner, your doctor and it’s good to have a spare to perhaps circulate to the nursing staff or even just stick up in your room to make sure everyone knows what you would like to do, because in the throes of active labour you may be a bit preoccupied and not in the mood to be explaining your wants to your birth team.

When selecting your wardrobe choices there’s nothing wrong with a pretty top for some of your first pictures, but hear us out on this one mama, go with comfort over style for this visit think sweats, comfy sweaters, loose fitting items as that tummy is not gonna be bikini ready quite just yet. You shouldn’t need more than 2 sets of clothing, remember you can always have visitors bring more if you need, but carrying around 6 suitcases between wards and rooms is no picnic.

Hospital floors are known for being notoriously cold and during labor your temperature can fluctuate quite a bit so warm socks and slippers are a must!

You can also set aside those lacy thong numbers for now, pack underwear that you won’t mind throwing away after this or even disposable underwear. Same goes for bra’s no one is expecting to see you in a push up Victoria Secret right now, if your not free-boobing it opt for nursing/ maternity bra’s ( and don’t forget to pack some nursing pads even if your not breastfeeding they can come in handy)

Do you even leave the house without your phone? Well this won’t be the day to forget it along with your charger, you’ll have plenty of messages and calls coming through and a spare camera is great in case your partners battery runs flat.

Some other items you may want to take depending on your personal preferences are cash, heaphones, massage oils ( some people find that massage is the only form of relief during all natural labor) books, magazines or some personal items like family pictures.

Snacks should also be readily available not just for you but also your birth partner, labor can be a long and tiring process and you might not be up to the lunch or dinner served by the hospital but some trail mix, fruits or juice are good to keep your energy levels up.

Baby’s Bag:

Now mama, this is gonna be tough to hear but you will be grateful when the time comes, You do not need to pack 12 little outfits, plushy toys and cute accessories for your little one’s arrival, it’s so tempting to imagine all the cute little pictures and poses but let’s be real there’s gonna be PLENTY of time for that when you go home and again you want to keep your luggage as light and items as easily accessible as possible.

You should hopefully have your car seat installed before heading to the hospital, that’s your only big ticket item.

In the bag itself aim for the following:

• 2 or 3 outfits/ onesies (think many many diaper changes so again easy access)

• 2 or 3 receiving / fleece blankies

• 2 pairs of socks and baby booties

• Newborn hat / beanie ( baby’s don’t regulate their own temperature very well yet)

• Diapers and diaper cream ( with diapers rather have too many than too little)

• A pacifier ( only if you are not going to be breastfeeding at all)

There you have it, an easy checklist for you and baby!

Did you maybe have a special item that you felt you couldn’t have done without during your birth? Let us know on the Your Input page.