Let’s head home from the hospital!

Let’s head home from the hospital!

The big moment is approaching where you get to finally take your little bundle home. Woohoo mama! We’re here to answer some common questions on what the official procedure will be before you get the all clear and run ( kidding) out those doors: 

What will the doctors check for in my baby? 

  • A normal temperature 
  • That there’s no high risk for developing jaundice
  • There’s been at least one wet & dirty diaper 
  • Has received all necessary medications, vitamin k (?) shot and eye ointment
  • Vaccines have been given ( like hepatitis b) 
  • Has had at least 2 feedings and is eating well 
  • All newborns in Canada are tested for hypothyroidism (a disease caused by not producing enough thyroid hormone) and PKU (a disease where the body cannot use a natural amino acid important for baby’s growth). I didn’t know this. In some provinces and territories, babies are screened for other conditions as well and may receive a hearing screening test. Your doctor can tell you which tests your baby will receive.

If your baby was born a bit earlier than expected, doctors will make sure your baby is healthy enough to take the big trip home. This includes making sure your baby:

  • Breathes well 
  • Has a normal temperature 
  • Feeds well 
  • Is steadily gaining weight or at least not losing weight drastically 

Now Mama, don’t fret the doctor will be checking you out to get you ready for this awesome adventure you’re about to start.  They’ll equip you with things to look out for, make sure you feel comfortable on how to look after your little one, and feel confident about breastfeeding all before you leave the hospital. This is the time to ask ALL those questions you have.