Having a baby during a pandemic… Mama, we’ve got you.

Having a baby during a pandemic… Mama, we’ve got you.

Becoming a mom, whether for the first, second or third time, brings with it a roller coaster of emotions such as joy, gratitude, unrelenting love and – on the opposite side of the spectrum – concern, stress and fear. All of these emotions are completely normal, but then… enter COVID-19.

It’s been nine months (isn’t that ironic?) since the first case of the virus was diagnosed. What started out as a novel virus way over there in China has turned the world upside down and inside out, and literally changed life as we knew it.

Nine months ago, there were gender reveals happening left, right and centre; lavish baby showers, family get-togethers, celebrations and birthday parties. Shopping for the new arrival was a thrilling event and setting up the nursery, a weekly adventure. Having a baby was one of the most beautiful experiences you could ever imagine. Now let’s be honest… that has not changed!

Yes, the world is in crisis. There is an on-going pandemic and no one is certain what the future holds. Going to buy groceries is sometimes like a scene from The Walking Dead. BUT you are bringing a beautiful new life into this world, Mama. For thousands of years, womankind has been ‘making’ little people like it’s nobody’s business – throughout wars, pandemics, the Great Depression and the horrible styling choices of the ‘80s – and look at us still go.  You were designed absolutely perfectly to make that little human inside you (even if you had to have a little help to make it happen).

This virus is definitely throwing some curveballs to all new moms. Whether you’re in the final stretches, just gave birth or are running around after a little one, just remember you are not alone. There is a million-mom army out there (and us), and we have your back.

It’s ok to be scared and anxious and, honestly, to be sad. Grieve for the fact that you are not having the pregnancy or motherhood of your dreams right now. It’s natural to be sad about missing out on the big gender reveal or baby shower you were planning — or missing out on that dream pregnancy or new born photo shoot you were so excited about. Everything you are feeling is ok, because you are entitled (and fuelled by hormones) to deal with these emotions in whichever way you see fit.

Just know …. A pandemic will not change your strength. It will not change how much love you will feel and have to share. And It will not change the true beauty and joy that comes from becoming or being a mother.

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