Bringing baby home

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The big day has finally arrived. Not the birth, the other big one – taking baby home!

Months of preparation and planning, shopping, decorating and nesting has all culminated in the blissful moment when you can bring that/those little bundle/s over the threshold of your home. You may have spent anywhere between a day to three (or more) in hospital, and when you get that all-clear, it’s a very exciting time. Now you get to go and be mom in your own space, with your people surrounded by your own things, and after what you have just accomplished, a little taste of home will feel like heaven.

Some quick tips before you hit the road to home:

1.    Make sure you know how the baby seat buckles up

2.    Don’t forget some extra maternity pads for the road (and a pillow to sit on)

3.    Don’t try to wear your pre-pregnancy jeans today. Aim for comfort, not fashion

4.    Try not to plan any family stops; just head straight home

5.    Thank the nurses and doctors on the way out (they remember these things)

When you get home:

Make sure your partner or a friend is doing all the heavy lifting during that first week, whether you gave birth naturally or via C-section, your body is still recovering and you’re going to want to take it easy for a while.  Remember –  there is no rush for ANYTHING.

Dishes and household chores? Not important. Grocery runs? Not important. Introducing baby to everyone? Well, very important. But let’s just give it a few days, and here’s why…

After birth there is no break, no me-time, and no award ceremony to commemorate the incredible feat you have just pulled. It’s all about baby – all the time. Most people will be so magically entranced by that sweet little face that they tend to forget mommy just went through a physical war and may not be up for smiling, taking pictures or leisurely chats. So you have to look out for Number One. Don’t feel ready to see visitors? Say no (unless they’re bringing food – then always say yes). This is just as much your time as it is baby’s. You are just as important and need some taking care of. Now, you might feel like a million bucks after birth and that’s great; all we are saying is maybe wait a day and decide how you feel in the moment, rather than committing to any specific plans ahead of time.

This piece of advice here – remember it for at least the first three months of motherhood.

When in doubt, take that shower you’re thinking about, no matter what.