Break the Silence: Share your loss story

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On October 15th, please join Doula Hadeer virtually on her Facebook page here:

We will be lighting a candle for our babies in their honour. Please take a picture of yourself holding a candle of your baby, post it onto the page and write your loss story. And you might ask why would do something like that? I will tell you.

  • Remove the Taboo: You are helping break the silence about infant and pregnancy loss. Up until recently, I had no clue about this topic, and didn’t fully understand the pain and suffering that comes with it. This is because this topic is completely taboo and it makes people uncomfortable. But we as loss parents are very uncomfortable. Why should we suffer in silence?
  • Empowerment: Sharing your story automatically invites you into a community of other loss parents. I personally love hearing the loss stories because it makes people more human. And because I know I am not alone. There is empowerment when you open up and share your story.
  • Getting support from others: Your story deserves to be told, don’t you agree? You experienced a horrible ordeal that brought you to your knees. Not everyone understands the pain and suffering that comes with Infant and pregnancy loss. Most likely, no one in your circle of people understand it. By sharing it, you open up that conversation and line of support.
  • Allow others to share their stories: Sharing a story of a loss makes you much more relatable. Whether you are a celebrity, an influencer or someone who is well known in your community, breaking the silence surrounding infant and pregnancy loss will allow other parents of loss open up about their stories too! And that is empowerment.
  • Heal: There is so much healing that comes out of opening up about your loss and sharing it with the world. You will never know the impact of it until you share it freely. It heals the heart to put words to paper or post a video and tell your story.

I encourage you to join me on October 15th, 2020 (all day event) in lighting a candle for your baby and telling their story to the world. I know you are proud of your baby; show us how much!

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