Birth – 5 facts to know

Birth – 5 facts to know

We have all seen it in the movies ­–­­ the screaming mom lying in the hospital bed crushing her partner’s hand as she pushes out her baby. Sadly, movies tend to skimp on the real details. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Five fun facts about birth that you may or may not have known:

  1. You’ll probably go past your due date
  2. Labour is LONG
  3. Large meals are not encouraged
  4. There will be blood
  5. Lying down is the worst thing you can do

So of course every mom is unique and every journey is different. However, statistics and experience have shown us some pretty solid evidence that if you are planning on delivering a baby vaginally, this could be your experience:

• If you are a first-time mom, the odds are more likely that you will go past your due date (experts say 41 weeks and one day, but of course this can vary). So don’t make any plans to be delivering that bundle of joy exactly on time; babies tend to come out when they are ready – not when you are.

• Some moms can practically sneeze out twins, but for the rest of us labour is a long, long, long process and can be anywhere between four to 48 hours (yikes!). But do not fret ladies, as long as labour may be, remember that it is intermittent. There are beautiful gaps of pain-free bliss in between contractions.

• Remember morning sickness? Well, guess who is coming around again? Yep, it’s walk right down puke-out-your-memories lane. Luckily, though, not everyone experiences this during childbirth. But if you do, just know that it is natural, along with crying and diarrhea. This is minor in comparison to what you are about to do – the nurses have seen it all – it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

• For some strange reason, when people reminisce about the magical rainbow-streaked affair of their birth experience, they all seem to forget a detail that we think most folks should be warned about. If you have not yet lost your mucus plug, it could happen when you are in labour, and it happens bloody. You are not dying – this does not mean something is wrong – it’s all part of the adventure (just let your nurse know).

• Now this is where the movies have misinformed us (and if you have not consulted with a labour practitioner like a midwife or doula then you wouldn’t even know it), but lying down during labour has the opposite effect of what you want here, ladies. It’s all about gravity. Walking, sitting, squatting or rolling on the birth ball – that’s where you want to be letting nature and gravity do the work for you. We are not saying that baby will just slide on out, but you do the math, if baby wants to come out, it’s a lot harder for him/her to do from a vertical angle.

So mama, one thing that’s very easy to forget during all this hustle and bustle is to actually get excited!!  Soon you will be meeting the little person that is going to change your life and your heart forever.