Becoming a mom is tough, but mama you are tougher!

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They say a woman becomes a mother the day she finds out she is pregnant.  Whether or not that’s the way you felt, here is what we do know…

Pregnancy is a marathon – one for which there is no training (unless you have been through it before). If binge eating, hormonal outbursts and surviving severe body aches were a sport let’s face it we would be gold medallists! The nice thing about this marathon is that it is at least a slow build up to the final stretch.

People seem to underestimate the immense changes that you have to go through not only physically but definitely also mentally. It’s easy to see and understand the physical changes – growing belly, swollen feet, skin problems, back ache, enlarged breasts to name a few.  People expect these changes to occur because you see them in almost every pregnant mom out there but what you do not see is the mental and emotional changes taking place. Yes we all know hormones are a big factor but what about more deep set things like prenatal depression? (yes ladies post-partum is not the only shadow lurking around the corner waiting to pounce).

Then of course there’s the onset of what we like to call pre-mom-guilt (you’ll get to know the real deal all too soon).  This is when you question every aspect of your soon-to–be motherhood: Am I ready? What if I’m not built to be mom? What if my baby does not love me? What if the world is too horrible a place to bring a child into? What if I can’t teach my baby to talk  and they become mutes, never make any friends and end up living in my basement for the rest of their lives? Ok, that last one might be a bit extreme (or not – we all walk our own journey) but the stress and fear of becoming a mother is very real and very natural!

Becoming a mom is hard!  We’re not gonna lie – it’s tough.  But you know what? You are tougher! You are a living warrior that is creating life.  You are an orchestrator of futures, builder of dreams, protector, educator and so much more.  Who can say they are as magnificent as a mom? Being a mom is joining the most prestigious club and the membership most certainly has the most amazing privileges, and we want to share all of them with you!