Badge of Honour – 10 ways you can honour your baby

Badge of Honour – 10 ways you can honour your baby

Here are 10 ways you can honour your baby by driving that conversation to open up about your loss:

  1. Get a tattoo of your baby’s name or footprint.
  2. Wear your baby’s urn in a necklace charm – did you know you can do this? There are some really nice ones on Amazon.
  3. Display your baby’s hand or foot cast front and centre in your living room.
  4. Show off your c-section scar.
  5. Speak openly and freely about your baby: Ex. “Do you have any children? – Yes, one in heaven.”
  6. Write a blog or start a social media account just to write about them.
  7. Start a campaign for the Baby loss Awareness events happening on October 15th each year.
  8. Start a fundraiser or donate in their name.
  9. Name a star after them.
  10. Donate toys to orphanages or children shelters around your city on their birthday or due date.

Infant/Pregnancy loss is like going through an emotional war. You get a horrible injury from that war – you lose an arm, you get a deep gash, or lose a foot. A part of you is gone. An injured solider gets a medal of Honour when they return home. It should be the same for the bravery you face through losing a child. I truly believe that.

Whatever way you choose to honour your baby, it will be the best way because they will know how much you love them. <3

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