Baby’s health is top priority

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You have arrived home with baby and want to ensure their health and safety is top priority.  Although these little beings may seem mighty, they are actually pretty vulnerable.

Here are a few thing to keep top of mind when you first get home.

  • Newborns are not always so adorably snuggled and swaddled up just to be cute, it’s because babies cannot yet regulate their own body temperature and need to stay warm and cozy in the first few months.  Be careful not to overheat them though.  A cozy sleeper and light weight blanket or swaddle and hat/beanie in the cooler weather generally keeps them warm enough.
  • Although it’s fairly obvious to keep sick people away from your newborn – never underestimate the effect that cold sore on Grandma June’s lip might have. Even the tiniest infection or virus can affect your baby’s immature immune system.  So be the tough mama you gotta be and politely ask people to refrain from kissing your little cherub or touching his/her face (blame COVID-19 no one can argue with that logic).
  • Another must-do to keep viruses at bay and your baby safe at the same time – hand washing! Wash them good, wash them clean… wash them… All. The. Time.  And don’t be shy to ask family and friends to wash their hands before holding your precious treasure.

When do we call in the professionals? 

Generally you should see your doctor 72 hours after birth (Preemie baby’s will usually get a follow up care schedule before you even leave the hospital and you’ll be advised of any problematic signs or symptoms to look out for), but if you feel something is not right before then, reach out to them asap. 

What’s gonna happen at our first check up? 

  • Your baby will be weighed and measured (you’ll always know exactly how your bundle is growing in those first months) 
  • Another check for jaundice 
  • Follow up on how feeding is going 
  • A physical health exam 
  • A mental health check in for you mama 
  • If any tests or screenings were missed at the hospital they’ll happen now or will be scheduled

Again, if you ever feel that something is not quite right with your baby’s health, never hesitate to put a call in to your medical provider.

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