41 Weeks… and counting

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If the passing of time has come to an absolute grinding halt then you have most likely gone past your due date. Why didn’t anyone tell you that this was a likelihood? This pregnancy thing was supposed to last only 40 weeks, right? 

But look at you go…41 weeks, maybe even inching closer to 42. Your belly is still painfully swollen, the back pain is almost unbearable and you may even be experiencing the wonderful sensation of lightning crotch ( yes it’s really called that – when you have sharp shooting pains that radiate between your legs). 

A pregnancy that seems to last forever can feel so utterly unfair. You have come so far and done everything right but there just seems to be no end in sight – no light at the end of your proverbial tunnel. It sucks, mama and we feel you.

You’ve probably googled every humanly possible way to naturally induce labour and have been squat walking through your house all week by now. There is no feeling to truly describe the frustration you are probably feeling at this point. 

Luckily, the news is not all bad mama.  Remember that babies tend to come when they are ready – not when you are.  This does not mean that you are doing anything wrong or that there is something to be concerned about, it just means it’s not your time yet. Only about 5% of babies are born on their actual due date and that date is also very much an estimation to begin with so don’t bargain on it.  Studies have  found that most first time moms give birth after the 41 week mark. 

As frustrating as this wait may be, just think about how short this time really is in the grand scheme of things.  In just a few days you will be laughing when you think about what you would give to get that baby back in your belly just to get a full hour of sleep!

This is all just part of your and your baby’s story full of surprises so just enjoy every moment that you can.