20 Things you’ll hear from your friends without kids

20 Things you’ll hear from your friends without kids
  1. Why don’t you sleep when the baby does? 
  2. I’m sure tomorrow will be better 
  3. I’ll never give my baby a pacifier 
  4. Screen time? Never! 
  5. I’m going to get there early 
  6. I was so busy I barely had time for lunch 
  7. Maternity leave must be so peaceful 
  8. I only got 6 hours of sleep last night 
  9. That trip must have been great with the baby 
  10. When’s the next one coming? 
  11. I’ll breastfeed for 2 years and only feed organic after that 
  12. Gross there’s vomit on that shirt 
  13. I overslept 
  14. Oh no I spilled food on my shirt 
  15. My kids will never scream like that 
  16. Wow you look tired 
  17. What took you so long you said you were leaving an hour ago? 
  18. Why don’t I hear from you more often? 
  19. I only went to the gym twice this week 
  20. I’ve heard you have to just let them cry it out 

Bless their hearts and know that they are just trying to be helpful and well meaning.

The patience you will learn with your new baby will be put into practice when fielding questions and advice and comments from friends and family (complete strangers will also try to give you unsolicited advice) so your best bet is to smile politely and not let it get to you.  Follow your own instincts and don’t sweat the petty things (just like you won’t let your kid pet the sweaty things).