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In the last two posts, I spoke about ovulation and sperm health, and menstruation and digestion affect on pregnancy. Today, I will be speaking about supplements you can take right now to improve fertility and what you put in your body can cause your fertility to slow down.

Have you read “It starts with the Egg”? Supplements you can take right now to improve your fertility

If you haven’t, like I had mentioned in another post, it comes FREE with an audible trial. I cannot mention what is actually said on that book because it is copyright. But on chapter 12 on that book, the author mentions several scientifically proven supplements that can be taken now to improve fertility. She broke it down into beginner for couples not foreseeing any issues getting pregnant, intermediate for couples who are having difficulty getting pregnant and are contemplating assisted pregnancy services and advanced for couples who are actually going through assisted pregnancy services and want to improve their chances drastically. Please read the book if you have been trying for longer than 3 months or you feel like you have exhausted your options.

Without going too much into what was written in the book, here are 3 supplements that both you and your partner should be taking to improve your fertility.

  1. Folic Acid – both you and your partner should be taking at least 400 mcg of Folic acid each day. In my case, because I had a pregnancy with a neural tube defect, I take 5000 mcg of folic acid. Folic acid supplements have been proven to increase chances of pregnancy but to reduce neural birth defects in embryos. It should be noted that folic acid is actually the synthetic form of methylfolate. Methylfolate is what is converted from folic acid in the body. You can find a methylfolate supplement on its own or take it with a multi-vitamin like prenatal.
  2. Vitamin D – both you and your partner should be taking at least 1000 IU daily. Studies have shown that most of us are vitamin D deficient because of long winter months or not living in tropical areas where the sun is present most of the year. Vitamin D deficiency has been proven to hinder fertility, and the vitamin has been shown to improve motility of sperm. I personally have found the difference in myself when I get enough vitamin D and when I don’t. For the longest time, I was just taking 1000 IU, but have recently increased it to 4000 IU. I found myself having much less depressive symptoms even during rainy/cloudy days. You can get a Vitamin D3 supplement on its own. Most multi-vitamins do not provide enough vitamin D.
  3. Vitamin C – both you and your partner should be taking at least 1000 mg daily. Vitmain C is an anti-oxidant. We should be getting enough anti-oxidants from our food, but sometimes when we don’t eat healthy, our bodies go into oxidative stress. As a result, sperm and eggs are not protected from harmful particles in our bodies that might actually attack them. Vitamin C also provides the body with immune boosting abilities to fight off diseases. It has also been proven to improve all 3 factors of sperm health. It can be found as an additional supplement you can add to your multi-vitamin or prenatal.

The above supplements are just a small step you can take to improving your fertility.

How does your diet affect your chances of getting pregnant?

What you put in your body has immense effects on your fertility for both female and male. Do you drink several glasses of wine a day? Do you smoke? Do you eat mostly fatty, greasy foods? Do you have a food sensitivity that causes your body to act up? If you answer yes to any of those questions, chances are you are causing your body to take longer to get pregnant.

Recently, I have been told that I have a fatty liver. That is because I was eating like crap! I know what you’re thinking, what does a liver have to do with getting pregnant? Simply put, your liver cleans the body of toxins. And when you are eating a diet of mostly fatty/greasy foods, your liver takes it upon itself to clean your body. It becomes fatty. Just like us when we are overweight, a fatty liver slows down and doesn’t function properly. As a result, your body gets riddled with toxins from unhealthy foods and even medications you take aren’t processed correctly by your liver.

Everything you have done in the past is reversible. Nothing you put your body stays forever. You can reverse the years of damage you have done to your body with the right diet and a small exercise regime. Now, I’m not talking about taking on a fad diet that will leave you grumpy and irritable. My take on those diets is that the weight comes right back when you “stop”. But if you just try to eat healthy at least 5 days of the week, you will find that you will feel and look better in no time. Exercise doesn’t have to be Cross-Fit. Take a walk for half an hour after dinner every night, or even 3 nights a week. I promise you will see how better you sleep just by doing that. And when you sleep better, you become more fertile.

There are lots of options for you to try on the world wide web. I am currently calorie counting and doing intermittent fasting. I am also doing the scientific 7 minute workout everyday. I have lost weight. In addition to all of that, I have cut out gluten completely. I have noticed a change in my body that I can’t point my finger on. I am not saying you have to dive in feet first like me. Make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle and you will see that your fertility will change. Perhaps you will see your periods become more regular. Maybe you will notice that your sex drive improves. Or maybe you will find that are more focused and agile. You get one body – you have to treat it well!

Well, that’s it for my PSA. I really hope you take away some way to help improve your own fertility. Like I had mentioned before, each one of us deals with their own unique challenges when it comes to fertility. It is important to observe your own selves and see if you really have covered all the basis. I personally found that focusing on improving my health has taken the focus that I have put on trying to figure out “why” I lost the baby or “why” I’m not pregnant yet. I don’t know about you, but I was getting fed up with that vicious cycle.

Good luck out there! Please let me know if any of those ideas mentioned have helped you get pregnant!

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