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While browsing the internet, I have found lots of resources about talking to your kids about how to approach kids regarding this pandemic. The common consensus states that you should ask them what they already know, and go from there. Try not to scare them by saying that lots of people are dying. If they can get on life without that information, that’s best. If the kids are too young to understand what is going on, like mine, don’t talk to them at all. These resources are more for kids who are older (around 4 or older). I’ve summarised them for you.

Caring for Each other – Sesame Street initiative

Click here to visit the website!

The video I’ve posted above is about anxiety that our kids can deal with. It’s important to know that because kids are resilient that they don’t feel anxious, sad and scared because of this “new normal”. It’s really well made. This initiative from Sesame Street was launched a few days ago to help kids address these issues in a helpful and playful manner. The website itself has lots of activities such as pamphlets to how to talk to them, colouring pages, videos on how to wash your hands, and more. This is a great start for kids who are on the younger side. #caringforeachother

Nanogirl videos about Coronavirus

From what I understand, Nanogirl is a character Dr. Michelle Dickinson has created for a YouTube Channel for kids. She hails from New Zealand (hence the accent). She has made lots of videos about Coronavirus, shopping during this pandemic and why soap kills them. Check out her channel for more videos. They are great, well made and speak at the level the kids would understand. This would be great for all ages. Kids are visual learners and this definitely helps.

Deborah Farmer – Parenting coach for PBS

Visit her blurb about how she dealt with her kids talking about COVID-19.

She overheard her kids talking to each other about coronavirus while drifting off to sleep. She was concerned because they had false information. She sat them down and broke it down for them. She shared how the kids can keep themselves safe. She also shared real-life conversations and how they can work for you. This blurb also had lots of videos about washing hands and how germs infected from the kids favourite shows like “Daniel Tiger” and “Curious George”.

Tele-Quebec video for kids about COVID-19

Since I live in Quebec, my husband sent me this video explaining COVID-19 to kids made by Tele-Quebec. It explains why we are staying away from our grandparents and how staying at home is protecting everyone. It also talks about how to keep your kids and everyone around them safe. Most importantly it mentions that kids are not as affected as other members of society. This is important to explain to kids as they can feel reassured. I wanted to share it with you because it’s a good visual for the kids and to keep our French audience engaged.

I really hope you have found this helpful. Please share with me any other ways you have spoken to your kids. Good luck out there, and stay safe!

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