10 Things you didn’t know until you had a baby

10 Things you didn’t  know until you had a baby
  1. How precious sleep truly is – yeah yeah, we all know sleep gets disrupted when you have a newborn but did you imagine that you would be sitting begging a tiny little human just to close their eyes for 10 minutes so that you can physically just lie down and recharge before wanting to rip out your own eyeballs due to exhaustion? 
  2. “Free” time is a luxury – remember those most precious memories of sleeping in, binge watching your favourite series all day, last minute plans made with friends to catch up over mimosa’s? Yep…cherish those times and those memories. 
  3. Food doesn’t need to be eaten warm – and this also extends to all heated beverages – do you like iced coffee?  You might have to learn to like it as babies seem to sense when any item has been prepared to above room temperature and will spontaneously need at least 30mins of attending to in that exact moment. 
  4. The word “clean” will take on new meaning – if you are a perfectionist that believes everything has its place and cleaning the house will happen every day then a baby is just for you… kidding. You will be living in burp cloths, strewn toys and little socks lying around – learn to embrace the chaos. 
  5. How tough you truly are – possibly the only thing more difficult than birth is surviving the first months with a newborn. You are running on pure exhaustion, limited caffeine (if breastfeeding) your body hurts, your mind hurts, everything is overwhelming and you barely get time for a shower. 
  6. It will test your relationship – no matter what perfect The Notebook romance you feel towards your partner, you will argue over the slightest things.  Remember you are both on the frontlines of battling sleepless nights, incessant crying, fears, doubts, hormones ( worst of all) while learning how to keep a person alive… there’s bound to be some hiccups. 
  7. Everybody poops – especially babies, in all shapes and colours and we mean it when we say ALL colours!  You will spend time googling the meaning of a certain colour poop at least 5 times in your new parenthood. There’s also the first poop post birth for mom.
  8. All a baby really needs – as tempting as it is to get every adorable teddy bear adorned item you can get your hands on, baby’s really need very little in terms of items and accessories rather stock up on copious amounts of love & patience. 
  9. The village – we’ve all heard how it takes a village to raise a baby, there’s a reason this sounds cliche – it’s because it’s one of the truest truths you will ever hear.  All the books and toys in the world cannot make up for the advice and care from someone who has been there, is there currently or is going to be there soon. We are a universal army mama, you’ll never walk alone. 
  10. What true love means – nothing on this earth will let your heart grow as much as when you feel that first kick or see those eyes for the first time or that first tiny smile or when your finger is gripped by that tiny hand, every day your heart will grow and expand and reshape it’s capacity to love more unconditionally than it did the day before. 

If you had to make a pro’s and con’s list of having babies it would seem that con’s would win, but look at that list then at your baby and tell us you wouldn’t go through it again in a heartbeat?